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Honours year

Extend your knowledge and develop advanced skills with a research project
If you’re looking to improve your career prospects, open the door to further academic study, or simply indulge a passion, an honours degree is your next step.

Honours is one year of additional study following an undergraduate degree, and can be completed as part of the Bachelor of Advanced Studies. It enables you to build on the foundations of your undergraduate degree and choose a research project to explore your interests.

Under the guidance of an academic supervisor, you’ll select a thesis topic, create a reading list, and identify your method of research.

During the year you’ll be mentored by academics in your faculty as you write a thesis to document your research journey from proposal to conclusion.


Independent research can be a life-changing opportunity to become a subject matter expert in a niche area. You’ll have the chance to develop significant insights, and make your own meaningful contribution to a field of knowledge.

Honours students have the opportunity to undertake exciting, original research under the supervision of internationally recognised research staff. Some students end up publishing research papers based on their honours project. It’s also a common pathway to a postgraduate research degree.


Honours is an optional, additional one-year full-time course. It is also available part-time in some disciplines. Generally your honours year consists of:

  • A supervised but independent research program.
  • Additional courses in research design/technical training.
  • Some coursework study (classes).

It may vary depending on the discipline you choose. To learn more about what an honours year looks like, contact the honours coordinator in your faculty. 


Embedded honours (for internal applicants) 中山汇源协商贸有限公司

Honours can be taken with most undergraduate courses. So if you're already enrolled in a bachelor's degree, there's a good chance you'll be able to apply for honours as an embedded year within your current program.

You don't have to be a current University of Sydney student to take honours here. We also welcome applications from students from other universities, or if you finished your undergraduate studies a while ago.

The Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) is available from Semester 1, 2020 to students who have completed an eligible bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney or another university. It is also available to students enrolled in a combined professional/liberal studies degree at the University of Sydney who wish to undertake honours under the liberal studies component of their degree.

While this course is our new standard honours offering, in some circumstances students may still be able to complete the appended honours course. For students who commenced a liberal studies bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney, (for example Bachelor of Science) in 2017 or prior, and continued their studies in their existing curriculum, they may still enrol in the traditional appended honours year, including:

*Will remain the only option for students in the eligible bachelor degree past 2020 (the Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) is not available for this area.

**Only available to students who have graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Sydney and met the additional admission requirements.


Interested in getting a feel for research? Offered during your semester break, summer research programs are a great way to gain research experience and an insight into research process while working alongside our leading scientific researchers.

Charles Perkins Centre 丽水多飞金有限公司

The Charles Perkins Centre is committed to delivering real world solutions to some of humanity’s greatest health challenges: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions. Our summer scholarships provide students an exclusive opportunity to join the Centre’s mission and undertake paid research with leading academics in world-class facilities. We offer a number of high-achieving students enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program the opportunity to learn valuable research skills and learn from senior researchers.

Sydney Nursing School 武威多益泰机械有限公司

Each year, Sydney Nursing School offers up to 10 summer scholarships to provide currently enrolled students an opportunity to learn about nursing and midwifery research, to develop research skills and to encourage exploration into further research studies. Summer Scholars will work on a project under the supervision of one of our leading researchers for a four-week full-time period over summer (140 hours between January and February).

Faculty of Science 嘉峪关汇源协科技有限公司

Science research projects are available in most disciplines for a duration of between 4-6 weeks over the Summer holiday period (November-February). The program is open to both current University of Sydney students as well as students from other Australian universities.


  • Student Centre, Level 3
    Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus

    Opening hours:
    9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Make an enquiry
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